Choosing the right wallpaper

When creating the interior of the apartment, finishing and decorating the walls is of great importance, because the area of the walls is the largest in the entire apartment and will immediately attract the eyes. The most popular variant of wall decoration is wallpapering, but modern stores of construction materials offer such a huge range that it is very easy to be confused and choose the wrong wallpaper for wallpapering.

In order to choose the right wallpaper, experts recommend to think in advance about the future interior room and not to go to the store to buy at random in the hope that you will meet “that very wallpaper”. In fact, being attracted by the wallpaper can be seriously disappointing and will not create the atmosphere of the room, which was originally intended.

When choosing the most appropriate wallpaper should clearly distinguish three areas: texture, color, pattern.

All variations of patterns can be reduced to five main categories: large spots, stripes, flowers, spotty backgrounds and wallpaper without a pattern. Here it should be noted that under the concept of “flowers” designers refer to all recognizable objects and drawings. It can be not only flowers, but also branches, pyramids and even the Eiffel Tower. Flowers come in small and large sizes, located frequently or infrequently, and the images can be vague or clear.

Large flowers arranged frequently over the surface can visually reduce the space, while small and sparsely arranged ornaments, on the contrary, increase it. A clear flower immediately attracts attention, while a small and less pronounced one can become an unobtrusive and neutral background in the overall style of the room.

Wallpaper in stripes is very popular and can visually “raise” the ceiling. The wider and larger the stripes, the larger the room becomes visually. Such wallpaper is very appropriate to use in small cramped rooms with low ceilings. If the stripes on the wallpaper is not a contrast and have no clearly defined contour, the room with this wallpaper will seem slightly larger and wider. If the color of the stripes is not very different from each other, then the effect of visual enlargement of the area will also not be much noticeable.

Wallpaper with ornaments in the form of large spots, as a rule, are used more often for zoning the room, because such wallpaper is very much immediately apparent. As a rule, large spots on the surface are used to highlight any part of the interior of a room or wall. Wallpaper with large spots, as well as with large colors, can visually reduce the space and the brighter they are, the more noticeable the effect will be. And vague spots have a strong decorative effect, but do not wallpaper the entire room with such wallpaper, save your nerves.

The use of wallpaper with spotty backgrounds does not limit their use in any way and can be used on any wall. This ornament is presented in the form of small repeating spots, obtained as if with a paint sprayer. And the small spots are very good at hiding the smallest surface defects, hidden beneath them, scattering the light in a variety of directions.

Monochrome wallpaper requires a very high quality pre-preparation of the surface.  Wallpaper with no pattern at all or with a barely noticeable pattern accentuates the interior objects and provides a neutral background. If you correctly choose a monochrome wallpaper, then their background will look very advantageous smooth lines of figurines and elegant forms of furniture. Such wallpaper in the room does not look boring at all.

If you decorate the room with photos, various paintings or panels, the monochrome wallpaper will be perfect. Identity monochrome wallpaper to a particular style of the room is determined by texture, for example, the classic wallpaper has a characteristic stamping, elegant ornaments and so on. Monochrome wallpaper avant-garde direction will have bright and juicy shades.